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Professional Cleaning Services

Our professional cleaning services include the following items. Please ask any of our staff for garment care advice or further information on our services.

Express Bag Service

Our Express Bag service offers clients further convenience. Once you register for the service we will record all your cleaning preferences and provide you with one of our green Express Bags. Simply toss your garments into your Express Bag and place it in the drop chute located at both stores, any time of day at your convenience. Your clothes will be expertly cleaned and ready for you to pick-up during store hours. Please ask any of our staff for further details, e-mail us at info@daisyfreshcleaners.ca or fill out the following contact form.


We know your time is valuable and you don't want to wait in line. We do all your check-in after you've gone. Simply drop your Express Bag in our drop chute any time of day and go!


The Express Bag service adds to your convenience without costing you in service. Your cleaning will be ready on time like always.


No longer do you have to lug around loose laundry. "Your" personalized bag makes gathering and carrying your cleaning more convenient than ever!


Each Express service bag has your own Personalized I.D Tag affixed to it, so that your cleaning is processed the way you want it. Plus if any repairs are needed or questions arise, we can properly contact you for special instructions.

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